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 Conscientious Naturopath

Health and Wellness

I have practiced Naturopathy for the past 25 years and currently a doctoral candidate awaiting a January 2019 graduation. The term Naturopathy originated in the late 19th century. The art can be traced back through Germany into Greece, to Hippocrates himself, and even beyond. Healing occurs naturally in the human body when it gets what it truly needs: proper diet, pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise and rest. In the views of traditional Naturopathy, it is a dynamic state in which body, mind, and spirit maintain an energetic equilibrium known as homeostasis. The natural health revolution has changed the way we look at healthcare and empowered individuals to take responsibility for their health.

 My knowledge, foundation, and heritage hail from the North Carolina, Pamunkey Indian Tribe in Virginia and St. Thomas US VI-West Indies. My mother made my hair pomade when I was a child and I received hot oil treatments. I recall the excitement of that treatment. After my intense research of hair and skin care products in the market, I was disappointed to find the dangerous and often times hazardous chemicals in hair and skin care products. Therefore, I decided to formulate Mama Anna's Body Butter™ for my immediate family. They realized amazing results. Based on those findings, I begin to share the product with other family members and friends to get impartial evaluations. Those testimonials were also very positive.   

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