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That's the word that comes to mind when I think about Momma Anna's Body Butter. I began using it because I was loosing my hair around my edges and at the center of my head, other products weren't making much of a difference. Then I tried this product. The time it took before seeing progress was simply amazing!

I will also add, during this time of my hair loss I was diagnosed with Lupus, but have since been healed, to GOD be the Glory! If you want to treat your scalp to a natural product that truly works miracles, try this product!

Rev. Patricia DeLoatch, Author


My grand baby was diagnosed with Eczema. The prescription medications caused more skin irritation. Then I tried Mama Anna's Body Butter on her skin and it worked. The child care provider asked me what I did different because her skin had improved. My grandson does not have eczema but he uses it as well. They have been using it for more than five years and make up songs about their body butter.

True Believer!!!

 Surprisingly Different!

My Mom referred this product to me and I reluctantly tries it because it wasn't a "household name" product. But I was surprised at the results I got. Not only did it sooth my scalp, but it also gave me a silky shine and more life to my hair. So I'd tell anyone don't sleep on this product, Anna's Hair Pomade.

India St. Holder Student (Morgan State University)

Family Affair!

I love using this product. My hair was thinning out and I started using this product. It made my hair feel softer. I also purchased the product for my grand niece who was told that her hair would not grow. After using the product her hair started growing and became thicker.

Veronica Hastie, Head Baker 

It is a wonderful massage butter...

Regina, L'amore Intimo - California

I was able to stop using prescription medication for by seborrhea because I use this natural product daily.

Anonymous User!!!

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